Mental well-being in the age of Covid-19

The truth of the matter is that this situation is not going to go away soon. But we need to find meaning in all this. This is a test for the human spirit and fortitude. This is an opportunity for humanity to find once again its humaneness, compassion, and empathy. It is an opportunity to show and practice kindness. That another rhythm besides the rat race we were all caught up in is possible. It can help us rediscover the importance of family and self.

David and Goliath

We tend to feel comfortable with dogmas, the dominant ideas , assumptions, rules and conventions that everyone accepts without questioning, abides by and vociferously defends, no matter what. Solving a problem by looking at it from a new perspective or reframing it requires courage, as it means letting go of the security generated by thinking in the same way the rest of the world thinks.