He has spoken

Ex-Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has decided to gift us with his statement on the arraignment of Keith Schembri, who was his chief of staff throughout his tenure as prime minister.

His statement says that if Keith Schembri was a crook before he became his chief of staff, it doesn’t really matter. It would be a problem if Schembri became a crook AFTER he became his chief of staff.

Also, the accusations Keith Schembri is being charged with concern a private tender not a government one, and hence, he (Joseph Muscat), should be left out of all this, as it has nothing to do with the government he led (even though it has everything to do with the people who led it).

He also points out that the crime occurred when the government of the time was a Nationalist government, which means that the problem stemmed from things not being quite right under a Nationalist administration, unlike under his administration when the institutions functioned well.

He ends his statement telling us that as long as his family has been cleared from any wrongdoing on the matter of the Egrant affair, he’s happy.

He may want to take into account that the person being accused in court of fraud and forgery is not the one he implied was responsible for the alleged fraud and forgery in the Egrant matter, but his best friend, and the man he had appointed to be the most powerful man in the land during his administration.

Just saying.

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