Police Commissioner Lawrence Cutajar

A brilliant career not

It is the story of Malta. A Malta that was raped and ravaged by corrupt politicians, criminals and money-launderers. While its police commissioner chose to wilfully ignore it all.

Police Commissioner Lawrence Cutajar

Arnaud investigates Arnaud

The people within the knowledge group for this case would normally be Arnaud’s immediate superior – assistant commissioner Kevin Farrugia, the police commissioner Lawrence Cutajar, obviously Inspector Arnaud himself, and possibly Arnaud’s right-hand man. Joseph Muscat and Keith Schembri should not have been privy to the information, but they were. That’s five or six people in all.
It shouldn’t be hard to figure out who leaked the information.

Protest against corruption Malta

A breath of fresh air

Democracy doesn’t go out with a bang, with an apocalyptic event. Democracies are dismantled in hard to perceive steps: take over the executive, take over the judiciary, take over the police, take over the institutions, take over the media. Bribe a media house. Democracies are dismantled when people don’t mobilise because their attention is diverted to smokescreens, to manufactured lies, conspiracies and enemies.