Police Commissioner Lawrence Cutajar

Arnaud investigates Arnaud

The people within the knowledge group for this case would normally be Arnaud’s immediate superior – assistant commissioner Kevin Farrugia, the police commissioner Lawrence Cutajar, obviously Inspector Arnaud himself, and possibly Arnaud’s right-hand man. Joseph Muscat and Keith Schembri should not have been privy to the information, but they were. That’s five or six people in all.
It shouldn’t be hard to figure out who leaked the information.

Attivita-Partit-Laburista-Rahal-Gdid Muscat, Fearne and Abela

The Labour Party is heading for Groundhog Day

They even entertain the possibility of Muscat’s remaining an MP, and asking for his advice. His advice on what exactly? On how to capture institutions? On how to organise a constitutional crisis? On how to break down the Rule of Law and let impunity reign supreme throughout the country? On how to destroy Malta’s reputation globally, irreparably harming it economically and politically?