Vigil for Truth and Justice

Every story that is not investigated increases the impunity in this country. Every story that is not investigated continues to dismantle law and order and the rule of law in this country. Every story that is not investigated puts our brave journalists increasingly at risk.

“Valletta l-oħxon”

Malta IS a Mafia state. It's impossible not to realise this. And if you think that this has nothing to do with you, you're very wrong. It does, so don't look away or sit on the fence.

There’s only one point

Owen Bonnici breached the human rights of every single protester who ever put a candle or a flower at the foot of the monument. He did so for nearly every day since the memorial was erected over two years ago.

Rule of law or musical chairs?

So it's not enough that government officials that were close to Keith Schembri such as Neville Gafa resign or get transferred from OPM to some ministry.

Call a spade a spade

Premeditated murder is not a mistake. It's a crime. Earning millions of euros illicitly (off taxpayers'money) is not a mistake. It's a crime. Corruption in the prime minister's office is not a mistake. It's a crime.

Nothing wrong Robert? Think again

The aspiring Prime Minister of Malta does not understand that the possibility or perception of conflicts of interest are considered as actual conflicts of interest at law.

Letter to Dr Robert Abela

I do hope to see you protesting against the stench of corruption at Castille, and the poor governance shown by this government, one example of which could potentially be the inordinate amount of direct orders your law firm receives from government ministries, departments and agencies on a regular basis.

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