The artful dodger

There can be no better example of a clear-cut case in which the magistrate should recuse herself than that of Magistrate Lia in the case bought before the Courts by Repubblika. Her father-in-law has a direct or indirect material interest in the case, making her a potential beneficiary. Magistrate Lia also publicly endorsed the Labour party led by Joseph Muscat during an election campaign trail. Her refusal to recuse herself is the perfect example on how to ensure that justice is not done or not seen to be done.

When the Rule of Law rules no more

The Rule of Law was carefully, deliberately and systematically dismantled, so that the corrupt, the criminal can operate brazenly and unfettered, with impunity. It has been said that it is the rule of law alone which hinders the rulers from turning themselves into the worst gangsters. Which is exactly what has happened in Malta.